eMCG, Inc. Services

LeafQuantitative and/or Qualitative Business Research

eMCG, Inc will provide your business with actionable strategic planning in quantitative or qualitative business research in order to gain big-picture consumer insights.  Statistical and quantitative analysis is necessary to guide an organization’s most complex and even routine business decisions.  Additionally, qualitative analysis can provide immediate feedback directly from your clients and customers.  eMCG, Inc. is experienced in both methods of business research and will devise an analytical research plan for consumer insights, market entry, and/or multicultural market segments. Your client’s respect and anonymity are eMCG Inc.’s foremost concern when conducing business research with either primary or secondary data.

Leaf Business, Operational, Marketing, and/or Communication Plan Analysis

eMCG, Inc. can analyze, evaluate, or create a variety of strategic business plans that will achieve success for your organization, operation, or business unit.  Many times organizations cannot solve problems because employees are too close to the situation, as many individual motivations can be interjected into the organizational solutions.  Using eMCG, Inc. as an independent evaluator can provide actionable solutions to a variety of business operations, strategic marketing, and/or communication plans for your organization.  eMCG, Inc. has worked with numerous organizations and brands in diverse industries that will provide your business with a wealth of consumer insights and innovative research applications. Your company’s complete confidentiality is always honored when working with eMCG, Inc.

Leaf Remote and/or Interim Management

Remote Management: More and more businesses are finding that it is economically sensible to hire an outside resource like eMCG, Inc. to conduct full-time research, strategic planning, and/or management functions for their organization.  With eMCG, Inc., your business will have the most credentialed individuals and resources available to your operations with less investment than hiring a full-time employee(s). 

Interim Management: Clients can use eMCG, Inc. to conduct various research operations as well as manage teams and/or business functions in the interim within organizations where there is a transition period with a full-time management position.  In this scenario, internal office politics are completely left out of the equation by using eMCG, Inc. to serve in interim and transitional management roles. 

Remote Interim Management: With many conventions, special events, sports/music tours, and corporate meetings occurring within the state of Florida throughout the year, eMCG, Inc. is centrally located in Orlando to locally represent your organization at a more economical cost than full-time employee(s).  eMCG, Inc. will conduct and facilitate multiple management services for your convention, meeting, or event within any city in Florida. eMCG, Inc. will locally represent your organization by working hand-in-hand with your full-time staff at your home office anywhere in the country for a more economical return, as your organization plans and conducts business in the Sunshine State of Florida.

Leaf Strategic  Sales and/or Fundraising Development Strategy

eMCG, Inc. can evaluate and/or design actionable strategic sales or fundraising development strategies for a variety of for-profit and nonprofit business campaigns.  eMCG, Inc. has experience increasing revenue and income with for-profit sales development endeavors as well as nonprofit philanthropic fundraising.  eMCG, Inc. incorporates primary or secondary business research data to analyze why your customers buy or give to your business or charity.  Understanding who your clients and customers really are, as well as their motivations, will help facilitate many future strategic planning, consumer insights, and sales development decisions that will grow your revenue. 

Leaf Advertising/Media/Sponsorship Valuations

eMCG, Inc. can quantify your media expenses in order to provide your business an evaluation on the return of your media and advertising investments.  Too often business executives confuse advertising as an achievement because they are simply “doing something” instead of strategically planning to make strides and progress for future business development.  eMCG, Inc. will work directly with your in-house advertising department, advertising agency, and/or your media rights holder to quantify media and sponsorship investments using primary and secondary data.  In this global marketplace, business leaders not only need to understand what happened during media, advertising, and sponsorship campaigns, but why the positive or negative sales effect occurred, and most importantly, how to consistently communicate with your market segment in the future.

Leaf Organizational Development, Team Building, Motivation, and Training

eMCG, Inc. can create an organizational development strategy to train and motivate your employees to achieve success throughout your organization.  eMCG, Inc. will find your employees’, department’s, division’s, or company’s individual strengths to promote a cohesive, team-focused environment in order to achieve collective organizational success.  eMCG, Inc. provides practical real-world solutions, in addition to the latest academic and business theories, that will be sure to offer a valuable “edutainment” experience for your employees and team members throughout your entire organization.

Robert M. Olszewski, Ph.D. Candidate, is available and prepared to speak at conferences, conventions, and media events on a variety of business topics.